Asset Management

The goal of asset management is to maximize the effectiveness of an asset while optimizing the efficiency of operating expenses. This requires a focus on the identification of potential risks during the different phases of the asset’s life cycle. Successful early identification of potential risks relating to the state or health of the asset can not only lead to a significant reduction in operating costs but also, in the end, serve to extend the service life of the structure.

WIMOS is a proven asset management system with a user-friendly web interface which reduces uncertainties concerning the integrity of offshore structures. This system uses data gathered from monitoring sensors on the structure to create reports and alarms to support operations decision-making for the management of the structure – online and in realtime. It is then possible to perform a detailed analysis based on the data collected and modeling in order to achieve effective life cycle engineering.

Ultimate Load Fatigue Status Targeted Inspection Extension of Life

Structural Health Monitoring

Data Specific Tool Box (online & Realtime)

Structural Health Management

Structure Specific Tool Box

Condition Management

Asset Management Support

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